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Welcome to the Downtown Brockton Association

The Downtown Brockton Association serves as an umbrella for businesses, professionals, non-profits, organizations, government agencies, friends, and supporters. We work in a collaborative effort to share information and resources to ensure the continuation of the economic growth, development, and quality of life for all in the downtown and wider Brockton area.


DBA News

2024 Membership Drive Starts Now!

The Downtown Business Association provides valuable information to the community from for-profit and non-profit businesses to government…

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All Encouraged to Attend the “State of Downtown Brockton”

Come out to hear 2023 SWOT results, learn where we are, where do we want to go!…

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Participate in the 2023 SWOT Analysis!

TAKE THE 2023 SWOT SURVEY! It has been 2 years since the DBA received input on the…

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